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Message from the Founders MISHKA Children Foundation is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the needs of disadvantaged children living within the former USSR. Our work is performed on a volunteer basis, meaning 100% of ALL PROCEEDS goes directly to improving children’s lives.


On Tuesday June 11th, 2013 Mishka Foundation is hosting a Summer ChaCha Fun-Raiser to raise funds to help two underprivileged children in need of medical procedures at Pepela Restaurant in New York, NY.

Please join us for a fabulous party with hors d'oeuvres (provided by Pepela that serves the best fusion of European and traditional Georgian cuisine), cocktails, live music, silent auction and raffle drawing!

Purchase tickets HERE.

Ivan Shevchenko (4 years old) was diagnosed with 2 combined hemangiomas of the soft tissues in the left frontal region of the head (upper eyebrow area) and cheek. Phase of the active proliferation.

Help required: In spite of the treatment being held, the tumor in the left cheek region keeps recurring and continues to increase in dimensions. Due to this fact, Ivan’s family was advised to continue the treatment process abroad.

Mishka Foundation has already raised $9,000 for the initial deposit but additional funds are still needed in case the final cost exceeds the initial deposit.

On Thursday May 16th, 2012 Mishka Foundation and MODA Benefit hosted a Fashion for a Cure Benefit to raise funds for a Cure for Juvenile Diabetes at New York City’s Ukrainian Institute of America in New York, NY.

Thank you everyone who attended the event for your support!

September 29, 2010 — MISHKA Children Foundation together with Ukrainian Institute of America hosted a fashion charity reception in New York, NY. All proceeds will benefit the orphans of Svyato-Voznesenski orphanage (Ukraine).

This event was a great success. Thank to very much to everyone who supported this event!

Kristina Konstantinova is an eleven-year-old from Irkutsk, Russia. Kristina was born with cerebral palsy, which affects muscle tone, movement, and motor skills. Due to this disorder, Kristina cannot control her own movements and is unable to walk. She has been confined to a wheelchair since she was born. The procedures associated with cerebral palsy disorder are sponsored by the Russian government, but any associated cost of special adaptive equipment (such as a wheelchair) are not covered by this insurance. Kristina is growing and needed a new wheelchair, which her family could not afford to purchase in the near future. MISHKA sponsored the purchase of her new wheelchair, and the shipment just took place last week! We will keep you updated on Kristina's story.

MISHKA Children Foundation, together with the Rotaract Club of Khabarovsk members (a group of volunteers who work locally and regionally in the Khabarobsk region of Russia's far East to help local orphanages and nonprofit organizations carry out community service events), organized a visit to the Special Correction School in Khabarovsk, Russia to celebrate this special occasion.

MISHKA and its volunteers in Vladivostok, Russia helped Vika and her family to get permanent residency in Vladivostok in the late spring of 2010. All of Vika's prosthetic procedures and their associated costs will be sponsored directly by the Russian government from this point forward. MISHKA and its volunteers will keep in touch with Vika and her family to ensure that procedures are performed on time and that Vika is doing well. We will keep you updated on any news we have from Vika!

March 7th, 2010 - MISHKA Children Foundation together with Bridge Records and Faust Harrison Pianos hosted a classical music concert. This evening consisted of a special performance by Vassily Primakov, a highly acclaimed Moscow-born pianist.

This evening was a great success and we were able to fund-raise more funds than initially planned. Thank you very much to everyone who was able to attend this concert!

June 20, 2009 — Vika had her first prosthesis procedure done at Albrecht Center in St. Petersburg. Thank you to everyone who participated in fund-raising for Vika’s first prosthesis! The procedure went very well and now that Vika has a prosthetic hand she feels like she can finally do things that all other kids can do.


We have recently updated our website. The new website was generously donated by Nadia Smirnova-Mierau , owner of LIGiclee.com - all-in-one artists services company, specializing in giclee printing, web design, graphic design, artists representation. Nadya has been supporting our organization from the very beginning and this website was among her other generous gifts including artworks for our charity auctions and MISHKA’s online gallery.

On October 18, 2008 MISHKA foundation, together with the Born in the USSR club of Harvard University hosted an art event in Boston. The event featured an exhibit by Misha Lenn, as well as a piano concert. It was amazing seeing students and non-students unite during this event in an effort to continue raising money for Vika Efimova’s prosthesis procedure. Everybody was really enthusiastic to help and get involved. Thank you for everyone involved, there is almost enough money raised to sponsor the procedure!

On August 23, 2008 the Russian Cultural Center of Washington, D.C. in collaboration with ZARYA Molosdezhi held a charity concert to support MISHKA Foundation’s effort to raise money for the children of South Ossetia. More than $900 was raised at this event through collective efforts of its organizers and attendees. 100% of all the PROCEEDS went the children of South Ossetia evacuated to Stavropol, Russia.

2009 Mishka Foundation. All rights reserved.
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